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Fuji Hitech – Your Best Elevator Company in Dubai – UAE

Fuji Hitech Elevators are characterized by innovative stylish design, reliable operation with supreme comfort, and exceptional quietness.

Fuji Lift UAE

Who We Are

One of The Top-Rated Lift & Elevator Companies in UAE

Fuji Hitech Elevator Company in UAE specializes in producing high-quality modernized and sturdy elevators, seamless installations, quick repairs, and trustworthy maintenance. With our customized and tailor-made services, we ensure that your business keeps moving up! At Fuji Hitech we believe in empowering our customers with the latest technologies and know-how.
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We are One of Your Leading Commercial Elevator Companies in UAE

We are your top choice of commercial elevator companies in UAE. As one of the best elevator companies in Dubai, we are proud to offer you a comprehensive range of services and products that cater to all your vertical transportation needs.

Fuji Hitech Elevators LLC are one of the top-tier elevator companies in UAE and specialize in commercial elevator solutions. We are committed to excellence and hence provide a complete package that ranges from manufacturing to maintenance, thus ensuring your elevator system functions seamlessly.


Our Awesome Services

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Why Choose us?

Your Best Elevator Companies in Dubai

Proven Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, we have created a niche for ourselves as one of the best elevator companies in Dubai.

Comprehensive Services

Our end-to-end services give our clients a hassle-free experience from conception to continuous maintenance.

Commitment to Safety

We abide to worldwide safety standards and regulations and design and maintain our elevators with absolute focus on safety.


Our high-quality manufacturing ensures longevity and performance. Our elevators are expertly made and abides by the strictest quality standards.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize the needs of our clients first and hence customize our solutions to fit their unique requirements.

Choose Fuji Hitech Elevators LLC for all your elevator requirements and discover the quality that makes us stand out as one of the top commercial elevator companies in the UAE. Call us at +(971) 55 855 8579 or Toll-Free Number – 8003844.


A Complete Solution from Manufacturing to Maintenance

We provide a one-stop solution for all of your elevator needs thanks to our wide range of services and equipment. Our top priority is to ensure that every client is completely satisfied that ranges from developing and producing cutting-edge elevators to regular maintenance schedules.

Some of our services include:

Expert Team Behind the Innovations and Advancements

We at Fuji Hitech Elevators LLC are proud to say that the success of our company is because of our expert team who are the frontrunners in innovations and developments in the elevator industry. Our team of engineers, technicians, and support work together to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability. This is what makes us one of the top elevator companies in UAE.
Our Portfolio
Passenger and Freight elevators
Custom Elevators for Observation
Custom elevators for Round
Yatch elevators
Wheelchair lifts
Residential elevators
Reciprocating conveyors
Automobile parking lifts
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Fuji Hitech Logo Main

Fuji Lift UAE is a professional designer, manufacturer, installer and Maintainer of Elevator, Escalator, Passenger Conveyor and Car Parking System.


Elevators are vertical transportation solutions that offer convenience while navigating high-rise buildings. Their suitability is relevant, especially in the context of emerging skyscrapers in the UAE. They are ideal for adding inclusivity to physically disabled persons while accessing buildings as well as ensuring navigation requirements for buildings where it is practically impossible to build stairs. Elevator companies in UAE like Fuji Hitech strive to increase accessibility to such utility of elevators.
The heights to which an elevator can traverse depends on the building design, engineering considerations and the technologies leveraged for its installation. Even though they typically go up to 100 floors specialised elevators can be designed to go beyond those heights. Getting assistance from an expert installation services like Fuji Hitech can ensure optimum coverage
Yes, an elevator can have two or multiple doors. These are widely used in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls to facilitate efficiency and convenience during the exit and entry of customers. Moreover, they provide multiple access points from different areas of a building.
Fuji Hitech with a commitment to quality, safety, and performance is an ideal choice to consider while searching for the best elevator companies in Dubai. With a comprehensive service including installation and commissioning, regular maintenance services, Options to modernize as well as 24-hour emergency services this brand serves as the most trusted elevator manufacturer in the UAE.
The installation costs depend on factors such as building height, brand, technology, and other sophistication such as panoramic view. On average it could range between 70,000 AED to 350,000 AED. With experts like Fuji Hitech cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and security can be ensured.
An experience of over 15 years and an inventory of more than 50 varieties of products make Fuji Hitech the biggest among commercial elevator companies in Dubai. The professional designing, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services offered by us make us the leading facilitators of elevator technology in the country.
It is calculated based on the elevator size, weight limit, and minimum passenger comfort required. Expert engineers from reputed companies like Fuji Hitech divide the floor space of elevators with the average space required per person to calculate capacity. Average weight per person is also speculated towards this calculation. Relevant regulatory compliances are also looked after while regulating elevator capacity.
The direction of lifts generally depends on the layout and structural requirements of a building. In addition, accessibility and convenience are factored in while deciding lift positioning. As a rule of law, they are found against the main entrance doors and towards the core of high-rise buildings.
The fastest elevators in Dubai are the ones that are engineered to achieve high-speed vertical transportation with aerodynamic designs that minimize air drag. Advanced and powerful motors and sophisticated control algorithms also weigh while determining the fastest elevator in Dubai. In this perspective, Fuji Hitech as the leading supplier among elevator companies in UAE offers the fastest elevators.