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Maintenance Solutions


Maintenance Solutions

Any elevator system requires maintenance program for its reliable and efficient functioning. Depends on kind of program you choose you will receive the benefits accordingly.

We provide maintenance program as per industry’s standardized work process with quality engineers. Our maintenance program checks your equipment’s health status and analyzes the data to customize the best maintenance package for you.

Your elevator’s functioning largely depends on the smooth operation of its entire component that is why we test the parts thoroughly to keep an eye on material stability, endurance, and consistency in performance. We exactly figure out exactly the problem with the components and take action accordingly.

What is unique about out maintenance program?

Our 24x7 service set up is what makes us different than others.
A special team is kept for technical support all over UAE.

Our maintenance package:

Semi Comprehensive

Why choose us?

Trustworthy Equipment: You don’t have to think twice on the assurance given by us.
Trustworthy Service: As we have mentioned we are available to you 24x7 at your service.
We keep you upgraded with whatever new technologies come up.

Benefits of our program:

A customized program is available to you as per your needs.
Pro service at your fingertips whenever you call us.
Timely safety and health status checkup.
Preventive maintenance to ensure that your equipment keeps running smoothly.
Proper management plans that include present and future plans