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Maintenance Solutions


We are One of the Top Leading Lift Maintenance in Dubai


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    Escalator maintenance in UAE

    Maintenance Solutions

    We are One of the Top Leading Lift Maintenance in Dubai

    Enhance your Elevator Efficiency with the Best Elevator Maintenance Companies in UAE

    All elevator systems require a maintenance program to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Based on the type of program you choose, you will get the corresponding benefits. We offer maintenance programs as per the industry standards and its work process done by our high-quality engineers. Our maintenance program checks the health of your equipment and analyzes the data to create the perfect maintenance package for you.

    The functionality of an elevator is highly dependent on the smooth operation of all its components. That’s why we thoroughly test our parts to ensure material stability, durability, and consistent performance. We pinpoint component issues and take necessary action. If you are looking for a top elevator maintenance company in the UAE, we are here to help.

    What is unique about out maintenance program?

    Fuji Hitech Elevators LLC is one of the leading lift maintenance companies in Dubai. Our wide range of product line comprises of passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, goods elevators, home elevators, escalators as well as passenger conveyors. That’s why we have introduced the most advanced technology when it comes to the quality and efficiency of our products.

    At the service, our maintenance program comes with 24 hours set up, assuring you of well-functioning elevators anytime. There is a dedicated squad of skilled and knowledgeable mechanic to offer technical assistance and service in the entire region of UAE. We use advanced methods of tracking, diagnosis and fixing your elevators. Therefore, we also adhere to the industry’s best practices and statutory standards of maintaining as prescribed by law. Our maintenance program is adaptable, dependable, affordable. Our goal is to ensure we give you maximum satisfaction and peace of mind. This is what makes us the best elevator maintenance companies in UAE.

    We offer three types of maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget:

    • Comprehensive: It comprises of all preventative, scheduled, corrective, as well as predictive elevator maintenance procedures. This allows you to reap the advantages of periodic check-ups, prompt repair and peak efficiency. Similarly, we give you a dedicated technical support that is available rounding clock to help you on anything related to technical issues and queries. The package is suitable for vital or expensive elevators.
    • Semi Comprehensive: Preventive, Planned and Corrective maintenance tasks on your elevator are included in this package. Regular service, a complete overhaul at periodic intervals, and immediate repairs are all to your advantage. Also, our competent technical support team will be on standby during office hours to offer assistance on any issue or query. The package suits medium-valued or critical lifts periodically in need of servicing/repair.
    • Normal: It will provide you with all the necessary activities carried during preventive maintenance and replanning of your elevators. Periodic inspection, cleaning, and lubrication. Additionally, we offer you a round-the-clock technical support staff that will walk with you as it helps you address any questions and problematic areas. It suits for the repairs of the low-cost or unnecessary elevations, which are not very important and need minimal repairs.

    Why choose us?

    Here are some of the reasons why we are the top elevator maintenance companies in UAE:

    • Safety and Reliability: Our commitment to providing reliable equipment means you can trust the reliability and safety of our lifts and escalators. We adhere to the highest industry standards and ensure our products meet or exceed safety regulations.
    • Durability: Our devices are built to last, made with high-quality materials and precision engineering to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This durability extends the lifespan of vertical conveying systems.
    • 24/7 Availability: Our commitment to being there for you 24/7 sets us apart. We provide fast and efficient support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation of your lifts and escalators.
    • Quick Response: Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or technical support, our team is ready to respond quickly to your needs. Trust our reliable service to keep your vertical conveyance system running smoothly.
    • Continuous Technology Updates: We are committed to keeping our customers informed of the latest technological advances in the elevator and escalator industry. This allows your system to benefit from the latest innovations and improvements.
    • Comprehensive Solutions: We offer comprehensive solutions that cover the entire elevator, elevator and escalator lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to installation, maintenance and upgrades.
    • Customization: Our ability to tailor solutions to each customer’s individual needs ensures a personalized and effective vertical transportation system.
    • Experienced Expert Team: Our team consists of experienced professionals with technical expertise in elevators and escalators.
    • Transparent Communication: Communication is the key to a successful partnership. We maintain open and honest communication with our customers and keep them updated on the status of their equipment, maintenance schedules, and required upgrades.

    Choose us because we offer reliable equipment, reliable 24/7 service, continuous technology updates, comprehensive solutions, an experienced team, and transparent communication. Your satisfaction and optimal performance of your vertical conveying system are our top priorities which is what makes us the leading lift maintenance companies in Dubai.

    Benefits of our program

    • Customized Maintenance Program: This is a special maintenance program that considers unique demands of each client. This way, you get to have an appropriate solution depending on how your elevators, lifts or escalators are built and constructed.
    • Pro Service at Your Fingertips: We want you to have a quick solution of your maintenance needs of vertical transportation systems and we are ready to offer fast response. We provide high quality pro-service on routine maintenance, emergency or technical assistance.
    • Timely Safety and Health Status Checkup: As one of the best elevator maintenance companies in UAE, our program incorporates regular safety checkups. We take extra caution in carrying out comprehensive checks by monitoring the health status of your elevators, lifts, and escalators. This is to avoid any safety concerns or unexpected breakdowns.
    • Preventive Maintenance: We also conduct preventive maintenance with a motive of dealing with the small issues before they progress into big problems. It makes your vertical transportation system more reliable and durable. Preventive maintenance can save companies big money as problematic issues are addressed before they deteriorate into huge shutdowns.
    • Proper Management Plans: The maintenance program extends well above current requirements. We come up with proper management objectives aimed at addressing current as well as long-term circumstances. It guarantees that your vertical transportation systems are kept up to date and prepared for future improvements today.

    Our maintenance program offers a customized package, on time pro service, regular safety and health inspection, and proper planning while considering the current conditions and future demands. Selecting our system involves ensuring long-term, efficient, and safe operation of elevators. Call us at +(971) 55 855 8579 or Toll-Free Number – 8003844 if you have any questions for us.

    Types of elevators we focus for maintenance

    • Passenger elevators: These are passenger elevators, which carry individuals over multiple levels of a building. These products come with various capacities, speeds, and designs that are meant to satisfy specific customer demands.
    • Freight elevators: They are the ones whose main purpose is to transport heavy machinery such as motor vehicles and goods in industrial premises. Robust and sturdy, these machines are not designed for passenger comfort and to last in rough environments
    • Dumbwaiters: They are called service elevators that are used in most buildings to move food, wash or even other supplies between floors. You can find them inside a restaurant, hotel, or building that houses people permanently.
    • Home elevators: These are elevators that are installed inside homes for ease of movement within the house. These may be created for the convenience and specification taste and liking of specific individuals as far as they are in a given house.

      Fuji Hitech elevators LLC provides maintenance services for various types of elevators, such as:

    Maintenance activities

    Our maintenance activities include the following tasks:

    • Inspection: Our elevators are always subjected to routine inspections for the assessment of their current condition as well as general efficiency. A thorough checklist is used with respect to the elevators’ mechanical, electrical and safety components in order to discover possible hazards or faults.
    • Cleaning: Our team cleans the elevator to remove any dirt, dust, or detritus which may impair its operation or presentation. We clean our elevators with approved products and techniques to maintain hygiene and quality.
    • Lubrication: We coat our elevators’ moving parts with lubricants to minimize frictional effects and wear and tear. For the proper and easy operation of the elevators, we use the recommended lubricants applied in the right amount and frequency.
    • Adjustment: Tuning of elevators helps us adjust them for better efficiency and alignment. Speed, level, and door operations for our elevators are calibrated and corrected or modified as required so that they serve efficiently and without any hassles.
    • Repair: As one of the top lift maintenance companies in Dubai, it is our duty to ensure all elevator parts are functioning perfectly. The elevator repairs include fixing any damage or malfunctions that have occurred in the devices to return the device back into its normal state and safe to use again. We fix any problems encountered with our working elevators and always use the original or substitute parts and tools. We also re-use the serviced lifts again in service, they are tested accordingly.
    • Replacement: In case we come across some worn out or outdated parts in the elevators, we replace them so that they can serve for a longer period of time while at the same time improving the characteristics. To this end, we install the newest and highest grades of components in upgrading the elevators and providing them with high reliability and compatibility.

    Preventive and corrective maintenance

    We offer two types of maintenance for our elevators – preventive and corrective.

    • Preventive maintenance: This is our routine maintenance which we execute to prevent degradation or breakdown of the lift systems. The primary goal of elevator maintenance program is to prevent break downs, malfunctions or accidents to ensure smooth operation of elevators, enhance their performances, as well as make them efficient. That’s why, we have a maintenance plan which outlines the period and the extent for every type of elevator in relation to the upkeep undertaking.
    • Corrective maintenance: This maintenance is done when there has been a breakdown or a glitch in the system. The purpose is to restore operation and safety in the elevators and determine the key reasons for the issue. In turn, we attend the customer service requests or emergency situations of our customers and give immediate appropriate responses.

    Maintenance with safety standards

    Our elevator maintenance meets the highest safety requirements. We follow the guidelines and regulations of the relevant authorities and organizations and Occupational Safety & Health Code 4. We also use the best practices and procedures for our maintenance activities, such as:

    • Proper use of PPE and clothing.
    • Proper use of tools and equipment maintenance.
    • Checking and sealing the elevators prior to working on them
    • Adhering to LOTO procedure in order to avoid unauthorized and accidental operation of lifts.
    • Making sure that the test run of the elevators is done once all the maintenance processes are complete.
    • The maintenance activities and their outcomes should be documented and reported.

    Certified technicians

    Our team of certified technicians has years of expertise, competence, and qualifications will ensure that we meet our customer’s needs effectively. We are proud to note that our technicians are CET-certified by the NAEC3. This confirms that they are competent professionals involved in the elevator industry. Additionally, our technicians are subjected to frequent training and information updates on new technological advancements in the elevator industry. This is what makes us one of the leading elevator maintenance companies in UAE.

    Modernisation & Upgrades

    Here are some of elevator modernization and upgrades to improve elevator functionality and benefits:

    • Improved Efficiency: Modern elevators have improved acceleration and deceleration rates, allowing doors to open and close faster. It also makes elevators more energy efficient and also reduces energy costs.
    • Reduced Noise: Modern elevators operate more quietly and with less vibration. Modernization also reduces electromagnetic noise that can disrupt computers and wireless networks.
    • Improved reliability: Modern elevators are less likely to break down or malfunction. Modernization also improves the reliability of safety devices and systems, such as  brakes,  emergency power supplies, and the integration of fire and smoke detectors.
    • Reduced Maintenance: Modern elevators wear less and have a longer lifespan. Modernization can also reduce the cost and frequency of maintenance by replacing old or obsolete parts with new, better parts.
    • Improved aesthetics: Modern elevators feature more attractive and comfortable designs and interiors. Modernization can improve the aesthetics of elevators by adding new features and options such as lighting, music, displays, and destination controls. We can create a bespoke elevator upgrade or upgrade plan based on your needs and budget. We use the highest quality products and materials and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Also, it minimizes disruption and inconvenience to building operations and occupants during modernization processes.

    Call us at +(971) 55 855 8579 or Toll-Free Number – 8003844 to know more. We will be happy to assist you.


    Lift maintenance cost mostly depends on the type of lift, its age, and the frequency of maintenance. Elevator maintenance companies in UAE typically charge 4000 to 18000 AED per year per lift. Cost cutting can be done by working with reputed companies such as Fuji Hitech since they provide economical solutions without quality compromises
    Monthly maintenance of a lift may include preventive as well as corrective maintenance that could ensure uninterrupted service as well as guaranteed long-term operation. Generally, maintenance companies charge 400 to 2000 AED for monthly lift maintenance. However, working through contract terms is essential to get the best out of these services. Make sure that these contracts include all the necessary services for the seamless operation of your lifts.
    Elevators are complex equipment with intricate electrical, mechanical, and safety components that need frequent inspection, repairs, and replacements. Moreover, it requires technical expertise that is only accessible through certifications such as the CET, which in turn increases the labor cost. Even though leading lift maintenance companies in Dubai who possess certified technicians such as Fuji Hitech try to work around the high costs for lift maintenance, it remains pretty much on the expensive side.

    Annual Maintenance Contracts are mandatory for lifts in most locales with minor changes in regulations. These contracts which mandate periodic inspections, preventive maintenance, and timely interventions offer safe, accident-free, and uninterrupted operations of the lift. So while it avoids penal actions from regulatory frameworks on one side the other side of the benefit of AMC is that it ensures the life and durability of your lift equipment.
    The duration of maintenance depends on the complexity of the system as well as the need for repairs. In general regular maintenance routines can go from a few hours to half a day. In the process, a certified technician from elevator maintenance companies in UAE inspects, diagnoses, lubricates, makes necessary adjustments, and tests the lift operations.
    Elevator maintenance can be preventive as well as corrective. While preventive maintenance avoids future escalations by making necessary changes corrective maintenance intervenes whenever there is a fault ensuring the uninterrupted service of an elevator. Reputed lift maintenance companies such as Fuji Hitech offer comprehensive, semi-comprehensive, and normal packages that cover these types of maintenance in varying degrees.
    Lift maintenance companies in Dubai often recommend servicing lifts once in one to three months. This should be complemented with annual or semi-annual comprehensive maintenance to ensure optimum operation of the lift. As the traffic of a building increases this general guideline will vary and you will have to service the lifts more often.