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Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

Machine Roomless Passenger Elevators
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Machine Roomless Passenger Elevators

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The application of FUJICN Elevator machine roomless elevator saves a machine room at the construction top. We apply the worlds top-grade design concepts and the well-developed control technology, especially permanent magnet synchronous and gearless drive system, the excellent and top-grade fully computerized data network system with the outstanding combined properties. It gives a full play of the humane intelligence and foreseeing ideas of low carbon environmental protection. The serial goods have the distinguished advantages such as effective, space & energy saving, safe and comfortable and so forth.

Passenger Elevators
Optimum design of hoistway effectively save 10% of construction areas.
Being equipped with green drive and energy conservation devices, energy conservation has reached 30%.
Machine room-less concept makes the design of building more free and comfortable.


Energy Saving