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Fuji Lifts are the manufacturer and supplier of Elevator & Escalator for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial use.

We supply elevator since 2005 for our valuable customers which meet their requirement and budget oriented. Our elevators provide you a comfortable and safety feel when you travel. It also gives you luxurious feel to your property. Adding elevator to your property will add value and attract more buyers when it comes to selling purposes.

Lift Cost

Our motto is to supplies large numbers of elevators and so we offer a quality elevators & escalator to our valuable customer at affordable price.

Lift Space

No matter the building’s dimensions, specifications and elevator space allotment. Since lifts for homes require less space and there is no need for a separate room or even a pit.

Energy Efficient

Our Elevators function extremely smoothly without any unpleasant jerks and pauses due to good capability of materials and motor. Therefore our elevator consumes less electricity

Our home elevators only need a few days for installation. Our experienced team will do quick and easy installation, so you can have your elevator up and running in less time.
When you install our elevator to your home today, in future it will attract more buyers and can add value to your home when you decide to sell it for profit.
Any other work to customers with in certain time when you install our elevator to your home today with customers needs as well as our goal is customer satisfaction in works.