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Dumbwaiter are considered as the smallest members in the elevator family
According to the different usage occasions, they can be called as service lifts, food conveying elevators, catering elevators or multi-purpose dumbwaiter.
Perhaps, you may not particularly notice dumbwaiters in hotels and guesthouses,
They silently serve for all works of life and maximize their role by using the small space.
Dongxu redefines dumbwaiters and endow brand-new images to them.
At present, there has been the perfect product series, floor type and window type dumbwaiters are matched with three different opening methods.
The leading technology and perfect quality enable them to be presentable and acceptable.

The shaft plan

  1. Temperature inside machine room should be kept between +5°C -40°C
  2. The power supply should be set within 1000mm from access door center
  3. The shaft lighting, main power switch, ground protection should be by user
  4. The drawing size is fit for table type dumbwaiter below 250kg
  5. About the table type dumbwaiter, if the headroom height is not enough, you may reduce the serving height of top floor to solve this problem
dumbwaiter drawing
shaft plan

Product Family

Window Type Dumbwaiters

Applicable range: small goods conveying, such as food conveying in schools and kindergartens’ canteens, hotels, western restaurants and snack bars, or transportation of money, books and medical drugs in banks, libraries and hospitals.

Service height: equal height or lower than users’ waist; conform to the comfort level of the best height of picking and placing articles in ergonomics.

Vertical bi-parting door(optional car door).

One removable shelf for standard, fully utilizing the car space,”removable”let the avaiable space more flexible (more shelves should be option).

100 Kg – 200 Kg
Recommended Load Capacity

Floor Type (Trolley Type)

Applicable range: carts can be used to convey large-scale cargoes, such as raw-food materials or fresh food materials in schools or kindergartens’ canteens, hotels, western restaurants and snack bars or linens and laundry transportation in guesthouses and hotels.

Service height: ground level.

Car entrance protection: car protection bar is configured to prevent large-scale goods or carts from slipping off the lift car(2 panels up sliding door should be equipped with the all-sealed car door).

200 Kg – 300 Kg
Recommended Load Capacity

200 Kg – 300 Kg